Choosing a Career College

Today’s labour market is becoming increasingly competitive.  More and more jobs are requiring post-secondary training of one kind or another, and the proper training is not always available to everyone.

Career colleges in Canada can provide students with the necessary practical work skills that employers want, enabling graduates to get jobs sooner.

Canada’s career colleges offer quality education through hundreds of accredited programs.

Our programs:

  • Are flexible.  Programs range from condensed shorter programs to courses offered on weekends and evenings.  Many schools will work with you to develop learning opportunities that fit your schedule.
  • Have smaller classes.  This allows each student to interact directly with the instructor.
  • Offer the hands-on, practical experience for which employers are looking.  This increases your chances of getting a job, faster.
  • Are credible.  All registered career colleges are required to abide by strict provincial regulations to ensure quality education standards.

The National Association of Career Colleges has developed a Career Connections Guide that outlines the benefits of choosing a career college and offers tips to help students make an informed decision.

Chapter 1: What’s In It For Me:  Find information about jobs, money, and the valuable investment you are making in yourself when you choose to attend a private career college.

Chapter 2: Choosing A Career:  Get help looking at jobs you can do and enjoy doing.  This lets you know where you can get information and assistance when deciding on a career.

Chapter 3: Finding The College:  Introduces you to Private Career Colleges and gives you an inside look at what these colleges can offer.

Chapter 4: Deciding Factors:  Provides information to help find the private career college best suited to meet your individual needs.

Chapter 5: Reaching Your Goal:  Summarizes information on planning and guides you through the application process.