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Question: Are career colleges registered with the government?
Answer: Yes. In order to operate legally, career colleges MUST be registered with the appropriate government department in their province.

Question: What is a career college? How are they different than public colleges?
Answer: Career colleges are not funded by any level of government. They are able to change and alter their programs to adapt to labour market demands faster than public colleges, allowing graduates to get jobs in their fields, faster. Programs at career colleges are compressed, allowing students to get back into the workforce sooner.

Question: What tuition should I expect to pay? Do I have to pay it all at once?
Answer: Career college programs are designed to be shorter and more compressed in order to minimize the amount of time the student is out of the workforce. This will depend on the college and program in which you enrol. Please contact the individual college.

Question: Are there student loans or other forms of financial aid available?
Answer: Yes. For information on government financial assistance, please click on one of the links below. For information about bursaries available at individual colleges, please contact the college directly.

Financial assistance varies according to Provincial / Territorial regulations and availability. The following links are for provincial and territorial student financial assistance programs:

The following are links to student loan and financial assistance programs available at the federal level:

Question: How long has a college been in operation?
Answer: While this will vary depending on the individual college, career colleges have been part of Canada’s educational landscape since the 1800s.

Question: How large are the colleges? Will it be too big for me?
Answer: Colleges vary in size throughout Canada – but all offer small class sizes (average size is 20-25 students), which allows students to interact with their instructors in order to get more out of their education. Contact the individual college for more information.

Question: Do colleges have on-campus housing? Parking? What types of student support services are offered? Are social and extracurricular activities available?
Answer: Many of our colleges offer services like these to students. Many colleges have departments dedicated to helping coordinate student life on-campus. For more information, please contact the individual college.

Question: What happens when I graduate from my program? What kinds of career counselling or employment services are available?
Answer: An education at a career college gives you the skills you need to get a better job, sooner. Some programs offered include an internship where students gain hands-on experience. Many colleges offer specialized job search assistance to recent graduates to help them find a job. For more information, please contact the college directly.