Why Study At A Career College?

It’s simple: Career college graduates get better jobs, faster.

Career colleges offer accelerated programs and hands-on preparation for a career, helping students get better jobs, sooner. The majority of programs offered by private career colleges take less than one year to complete, minimizing time students are absent from the workforce.

Career colleges are able to adapt quickly to labour market changes, altering existing programs and creating new ones to fit areas facing labour market shortages.

As the workforce ages and baby-boomers retire, there will be an increased demand for skilled workers, and a private career college is a great place to get these skills. Between 2007 and 2017, retirements will open up an estimated 3.8 million jobs in Canada – career colleges will play a major role in filling this demand quickly and efficiently with trained and qualified employees.

Private career colleges provide students with the skills needed to break into the workforce and give employers a competitive advantage.